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Tjust archipelago

The archipelago of S.ta Anna and Tjust is one of the "greenest" parts of the Swedish coast. It contains a large number of islands and deep bays. It also has good waters for sports fishing.

Substantial additions of summer houses is not allowed, so the area will keep its qualities in the future, regarding recreational opportunities and preserving the old culture of fishermen and farmers.

The communities along the coast are persistently working for a better accessibility to the archipelago, and are at the same time striving to preserve the genuine milieus of the buildings and landscape.

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Welcome to Almvik
the Almvik Brick-Works museum

Almvik is situated 10 km north of Västervik, at the high road E22.
The distance to Norrköping, and Linköping as well, is about 100 km.

Open hours year 2018
The museum is open between 10 to 15 pm, from 25/6 until 3/8

Entrance fee:
Adults 40 SEK. Children under 15 free of charge.
School classes, with maximum 4 teachers/parents/attendants 200 SEK.

Guided tours:
Guided tours during the summer half of the year, could be booked via telephone: +46 70 26 48 147
or +46 73 07 78 056.
Fee 60 SEK/person in groups of 11 persons or more. Smaller groups 600 SEK, fixed price.

Föreningen Almviks Tegelbruks Vänner, Tallbacken, 593 95 Västervik.
Tel +46 70 61 401 51                           Pg 11 50 78 - 8

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